Frequently Asked Questions

It would be rather difficult to comprehensively cover every single question I have been asked, here I hope you can find the answers to any questions you may have. If not listed, please do not hesitate to (respectfully) inquire privately so that I can ensure our time together leaves you with long lasting memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

It would be rather difficult to comprehensively cover every single question I have been asked, here I hope you can find the answers to any questions you may have. If not listed, please do not hesitate to (respectfully) inquire privately so that I can ensure our time together leaves you with long lasting memories.

Though it would be a rather impressive commitment to the long-con to have the same tattoos as the person in my photos, you can be assured that it is truly me — flaws and all. While my selfie game could use some better consistency, I do ensure to keep all imagery up to date.

As with many things in life, what you put in is what you will get back. With an open mind and mutual respect, you’ll find that our encounter will be far more gratifying than a simple fling. 

‘Girlfriend experience’ is a bit of a cliche, but it is authentically who I am. I have many, many impressive skills and talents – both in and out of the bedroom – so, why not find out firsthand?

While it doesn’t really change anything whether this is my sole profession or not, in short no. I do not discuss excessive personal details about my ‘civilian’ career so as to protect my discretion, and yours. I merely mention my career so as to impart the importance that my personal time is limited, and often spoken for weeks or months in advance.

I’ve no plans to change paths in the near future, but I cannot promise that I will always be available in the coming years. Life comes at you fast, and I may be gone if you wait too long.

Well, I am flattered you are taking the plunge with me. You’re about to embark on some very fun, very fulfilling adventures in the demimonde.

Truthfully there is no secret beyond communication and mutual respect. What you’re looking for, what you’re concerned about, and any boundaries you have. No question is truly stupid (as long as respectfully asked). I definitely encourage booking a minimum of 2 hours so that we can fully get acquainted without the hassles of time ticking by. 

The best first impression comes with your initial communication providing all the screening details and information necessary to book. While this might be a little overwhelming to consider, I’ve made my BOOKING FORM as comprehensive and easy as possible for you. 

I never expect my suitors to bring additional gifts beyond my standard compensation, but everyone knows that something a little extra always goes a long way — VIEW WISHLIST.

I wish I could guarantee chemistry, but unfortunately my super powers haven’t quite gotten there yet. Nevertheless, if you enjoy my unique sense of humour and my online persona, I’m sure that we will get along in person exceedingly well.

Absolutely — I am more than happy to provide a reference to another companion provided you notify me beforehand. This policy is to protect your privacy first and foremost.

I allow one reference per date within one calendar year. As a reminder, references are not the most efficient form of screening, so I do recommend pursuing other verification avenues if you are seeking a shorter notice appointment.

You are welcome to share simple requests such as a favourite colour, lingerie style, or clothing preference. I cannot always guarantee that I have the specific items you are looking for, and overly detailed requests can be a little offensive. If you enjoy how I present myself in my photos, I’m sure you will find that in person you’ll appreciate my taste even more.

I promise that I will always be dressed impeccably and appropriately for the setting — no need to remind me to “dress discretely” for outcalls. 😉

While I have no real opinion on review culture as it pertains to others, I personally do not enjoy them myself. I prefer to keep our escapades our little secret to savour. As of January 2020, I have instituted a strict No-Review Policy. This is also applicable to duo bookings.


If you’re a woman seeking to connect one-on-one, please remove 25% from all of my listed rates. All other screening and policies do apply.

For all couples bookings, it is mandatory and non-negotiable for both parties to screen and confirm their interests in meeting. While it may sound like a fun idea in theory, surprise threesomes are never a good activity and consent always reigns supreme.

No, and this will never change. I do not send photos through email ever — if the numerous variety of photos throughout this site hasn’t whet your whistle, then I don’t believe we are a good fit. 

Discretion is paramount and any efforts to sway my stance will find their communication with me immediately terminated.

Travel: mostly to warm destinations (forever chasing the sun), but my goal is to fill my passport with every stamp. I generally try to make at least 2 large trips a year, with a few smaller ones when the urge strikes.

Cooking: I am a big fan of the slow food movement, and my favourite recipes are never quick or simple. Sharing food with people is a different type of intimacy, and one that I really adore.

Hockey: I’m Canadian, what can I say? If you follow me on Twitter, this likely won’t come as a shock to you. 

In the sake of brevity, I’ll stop here but I assure you that I’ll share many more in person.

As mentioned, my schedule is not totally conducive to planning many extensive tours. However, with the move to remote working I do endeavour to make time for a few more per year than previously.

My tour schedule is purely planned based on locations I personally want to visit, but it never hurts to send a love note to suggest yours. I also offer FMTY to most regions of the world, if you can’t possibly wait to connect. 😉

Please subscribe to my newsletter for all early tour date releases and information as I don’t always publicly advertise specific dates and locations.

I find that the experience that I provide cannot be summarized in terms of acronyms or alphabet soup. I don’t offer a menu or list of guaranteed services, however I can assure you that it is my first and foremost priority to make our time together the most mutually enjoyable as possible.

I have very clear and concise restrictions, and you are welcome to inquire about these specifics privately.

Personally no – and while what you do in your personal life is not my business – I do not see individuals who are visibly intoxicated by any substance. This is not a judgement, merely an issue of consent and a boundary I am not willing to move on. Those who do arrive to our appointment intoxicated will be asked to leave with no refund, and will not be allowed the opportunity to rebook in the future.

Even though we will find ourselves thoroughly enjoying our time together, I am unavailable without compensation. This includes text messaging, social media messaging, excessive emailing, or meeting face to face outside of booked appointments. I do my best to respond to well intentioned pleasantries I do not guarantee a response to non-inquiry emails.