frequently asked


frequently asked

It is difficult to answer every single question I am asked, but brevity is the soul of wit after all. If you don't see an answer to your question, please don't hesitate to respectfully reach out and ask.

While I’m flattered you can’t wait to see me, unfortunately my schedule rarely allows spontaneous escapades. In the rare instance that I do have same day availability, your best bet is to pre-screen in advance by filling out my BOOKING FORM. Otherwise please schedule our time together at least 48 hours in advance.

Deposits are a good faith showing that your are intending to show up when you say you are. Many industries require deposits to protect against lost income, and mine is no different. I require a minimum 25% deposit to secure all dates: our engagement is not confirmed until I have received yours. Deposits are non-refundable unless I am the one that must reschedule or cancel, in which case I will return it via the method paid or you may choose to roll it over to another date.

I don’t hold any judgement on what people choose to do with their own bodies, but I choose not to partake in any substance use aside from light social drinking and casual cannabis use. I do, however, ask that you refrain from excessive drinking or using any other substances around me. 

If you arrive to our appointment visibly under the influence, I will ask you to leave and you will be barred from rebooking with me in the future. Intoxication affects your ability to give consent for either party.

You are welcome to let me know if you have a particular preference for colour or style (ex: garters) but I do not entertain overly detailed outfit requests. If you enjoy my style from my photos, you can be assured that I will always be well dressed when we connect. Please do not tell me to dress discreetly, I only wear my sluttiest outfits to church anyhow.

As an enthusiastic pansexual, I adore the company of all genders. Women suitors may take 25% off (rounded up to the nearest $50) my listed rates. 

Sharing a special evening with you and your beloved would be my pleasure, please note that I do require both parties to actively screen during the booking process. While the idea of a surprise threesome may sound tempting, it’s an idea much better left to fantasy. Consent is king, and all parties must give theirs. Please add an additional +$200 to my listed rates and packages for couples bookings.

This may be surprising, but as a human being (and not a restaurant) I do not offer a menu or list of available services. I cannot summarize our time together in terms of alphabet soup or acronyms, and each encounter is unique in its own right. I can assure you that I’m very open-minded when treated with the appropriate level of respect.

It’s sweet that you’d like to give a glowing review of our time together, but I ask that you refrain from doing so. I do not support review culture as it currently exists, and prefer that we keep our dalliance between ourselves.

I’m flattered, but no. I much prefer my girlfriend title to be part-time only, and my life is far too full to commit to an arrangement. 

I have no shame in my game, but society does not look upon providers with the same admiration we do. I obscure my face for both my privacy and yours, but I’ve not heard a complaint about it yet.

It would be an impressive level of commitment to get the same extensive tattoo work, but I am not that ambitious I assure you. All my photos are recent and of little old me, flaws and all.

My life is full of already time consuming pursuits, it would be disingenuous for me to take on a mentor role for new providers when my schedule does not allow it. I do offer custom web design and development through my business VOYEUR STUDIOS.

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