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Who doesn't love to be spoiled from time to time? Gifts and gratuities are never expected but are always an excellent way to make a first (or second, third...) impression. A generous suitor with excellent taste will find that I can also be quite generous in return.

I practice purposeful purchasing, and ask that if you do choose to get me something special that it is from my carefully curated list below. Or, you can send me a quick love note to ensure I will lovingly use your intended gift. Vancouver rent is expensive, and while your expansive generosity is immensely appreciated, my closet space is not nearly as large.

While some may think that gifting money is passé, I believe that financial security and freedom is the best gift of all. Money may not buy happiness, but it does allow me to pursue my long-term professional and personal goals more easily.

I have many aspirations to buy my forever home in Mexico, and truly appreciate any and all contributions to make that dream a reality. I’m a painfully pragmatic person and rarely find time to spoil myself, on top of managing a burgeoning web design business along with my “vanilla” career. But, when I do find the time for self-care, my default escape is travel — help me fill my passport with even more stamps. After all, wouldn’t you love to see some special vacation photos that are for your eyes only? 

Please privately email me to inquire about which payment methods I accept that are available in your region. 

I consider myself to be a compassionate and empathetic person. While my spare time is admittedly limited, I do make a concerted effort to be generous with my time with causes that truly resonate with my ethics and morals. When my schedule is too full for altruism, I do endeavour to donate funds and supplies instead. A donation made in my name to one of the causes below would mean the world to me, and I find philanthropy very sexy.

While I don’t encourage imbibing to excess, a special drink or two to share while we get to know one another is a great idea. I don’t consider myself a sommelier by any means (thankfully I have friends with good taste who advise me on what I like), and will try just about anything once. I tend to gravitate towards crisp, dry whites (the drier the better) or full big reds. I love almost every Italian wine I’ve met, particularly Chiantis and Barolos. In terms of non-alcoholic refreshments, I don’t consume a lot of sugary beverages but like any millennial woman I am quite fond of flavoured sparkling waters or kombuchas.

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