International & Fly Me To You

In my opinion, the world is meant to be explored often and with feverish gusto. Though my schedule is limited, I do try to fit in a few work-play adventures a year. Below you can use the globes to find the applicable rates for your location. Please note that I do not often publicly post specific dates of my travels to protect my discretion and safety. To stay abreast of all my gallivanting, it is recommended to subscribe to my newsletter. I release dates and plans there, along with priority booking for my lovely subscribers.

These rates also apply to Fly-Me-To-You engagements (with minimum booking duration), plus any additional travel fees and expenses. Please note that for any flights over 4 hours domestically (or 5 hours internationally) do require a minimum business ticket class. This ensures I’m bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and at my absolute best to greet you.