let's go on a date

My dalliances in the demimonde are a purely part-time gratification, therefore it is highly recommended to plan our rendezvous at least 48 hours in advance so that I am able to accommodate our schedules. As Alton Brown says, “failing to plan is planning to fail” — in my opinion, the anticipation of our meeting is a close second to the meeting itself. As my schedule is limited, I do prioritize requests for longer engagements (3+ hours). While I still enjoy shorter trysts, I find we’re able to become more intimately acquainted without the worry of time ticking by during extended escapades.

I prefer a more free-flowing and genuine approach to encounters, and I have structured my respective fees to reflect this. Any bookings of 3 hours or more do require a social element, whether that be a shared meal, cocktails, or an outing. I do not have a minimum sleep requirement for extended engagements, but do expect respectful consideration to keep me bright-eyed and bushy tailed. If we find ourselves together for a multi-day escape, please allow me a few hours a day to attend to personal manners. This allows me to keep our time together focused entirely on us.


vancouver & canadawide
Below you can find all my applicable rates for at home in Vancouver, or while I'm gallivanting in another one of Canada's beautiful cities. I host in a discrete, centrally located modern space with plentiful street and parkade parking nearby.

If you follow me on twitter, you likely know I have a very friendly and loveable small dog - if you're allergic or phobic, please let me know ahead of time so I may make the appropriate arrangements. I am happy to visit you, but only to hotels or upscale condos: I do not visit stand alone residences. Outcalls outside of the downtown core may incur a travel fee.

All engagements require a non-negotiable 25% deposit, please take the time to thoroughly peruse my POLICIES page for more information. I prefer physical currency as payment, and the listed rates are in CAD. However, I do accept USD at 1:1 with advanced notice. For digital payments, I offer Interac e-Transfer or select cryptocurrencies. I cannot pay my rent in gift cards, so I do not accept them in lieu of formal payment.


short & sweet
  • 1 hour $500

    a moment | a brief interlude (minimum booking duration)

  • 1.5 hours $700

    quick tryst | for those craving a leisurely respite from the daily grind

  • 2 hours $900

    introduction | let's get to know each other properly, I'm sure we will be fast friends (recommended minimum)

  • 3 hours $1200

    tête-à-tête | a perfect amount of time for a quick snack and cocktail before the main entrée (me, obviously)

  • 4-5 hours $1500

    Dining Out | Brunch / Lunch / Dinner date on the town. Need a little inspiration? I've compiled a thorough collection of my favourite eateries HERE.

    Craving a home-cooked dinner date experience? Visit my CULINARY DELIGHTS section.

  • + 1 hour $400

    Extension | schedule permitting


extended interludes
  • 8-10 hours $2200

    Half Day | Let's play hooky together and make our own version of Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

  • 14-16 hours $3200

    Overnight | Everyone loves a pajama-less party, especially with room service & bubble baths.

  • 24 hours $4200

    Day & Night | forget the world and spend the day lost in leisure with your favourite partner in crime.

  • 48 hours $6000

    Weekend | shall we whisk ourselves away from the daily grind?

  • + 1 day $3000

    Extension | schedule permitting

Culinary delights.

your erotic epicurean

One of my biggest influences in life is Ina Garten, and I also aspire to live in a quaint cottage with 3 ovens. However until then, I'll have to hone my hostessing skills with your help. Many know my obsessive love of tacos, but I love to cook just about anything (aside from seafood). Whether it's perfecting my famous carnitas recipe, hand folding tortellini, or exploring a new dish, I always am in need of a sous-chef.

  • 3 hours $1200

    Brunch / Lunch

  • 4-5 hours $1500

    Dinner / Extended Lunch

hockey & hedonism

hockey night in canada

My masochistic love of the Canucks is unmatched, but I consider myself to be a massive fan of hockey in general. Some would say I'm Bruce Boudreau's biggest fangirl (it's me, I'm some). For those who are new to the sport, let me teach you the basics (always remember: Fuck Messier). Or, if you're a grizzled veteran such as myself, let's debate advanced analytics and share our mutual hatred for the refs. All tickets and expenses are to be covered by you, however I am happy to source tickets if need be. 

Pre-Game Dinner

up to 2 hours

live NHL Game

up to 4 hours

post-game play

up to 2 hours


up to 8 hours


global romance

In my opinion, the world is meant to be explored often and with feverish gusto. Though my schedule is limited, I do try to fit in a few work-play adventures a year. Below you can use the globes to find the applicable rates for your location. Please note that I do not often publicly post specific dates of my travels to protect my discretion and safety. To stay abreast of all my gallivanting, it is recommended to subscribe to my NEWSLETTER. I release dates and plans there, along with priority booking for my lovely subscribers.

Are you looking to tempt me to visit you? Fly-Me-To-You rendezvous are my favourite -- nothing else makes you feel so similarly to a Bond girl. For all FMTY bookings, I do require a minimum business or First class ticket (for 6+ hour flights) and hotel accommodations of 4 stars or higher.  This ensures I'm bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and at my absolute best to greet you.