About Us.

As I said in the beginning, what I offer is Authenticity. I have my own unique brand of sensuality and intimacy - think of it as coy playground banter that leads up to far more scintillating events behind closed doors. I seek to build lasting connections with like minded individuals who value discretion and mutual respect above all else, and who also have a deep desire to explore their inner deviances. 

You are an individual who is looking for something a little more -- maybe a connection a bit deeper than ones you’ve found thus far. Generous, respectful, open-minded, and possessing a certain joie de vivre. This brings to why you’re here, you seek out the finer and funner things in life and a companion that complements those ideals. Perhaps you're searching for a partner in crime who's just as adventurous and curious as you are, or maybe just a personal confidante for an evening -- our options are endless and I’m ready if you are.

As a true pansexual, I appreciate the company of individuals from all walks of life.  The only requisite I have of my suitors is that they are kind, compassionate, and understanding. I do not discriminate against anyone of legal age, race, ability, gender, sexual orientation, or occupation.

We are here for a good time, but not a long time. So, why not start now?